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The dcupl Console helps you to develop, test and explore your dcupl applications. Since dcupl is based on certain standards we are able to visualize and interact with your application data without knowing the specific use case of your application itself.

Check out this video to get a quick peek about its functionality or simply follow the tutorial and experience it yourself.

Get started with dcupl in no time by installing and initializing a dcupl CLI workspace tailored to your needs. Seamlessly connect your local workspace to a dcupl Console Project, and set up the DcuplAppLoader to jumpstart your development journey. Experience the power and ease of dcupl, and watch as it accelerates your data-intensive web application projects.

This tutorial covers the following topics:

  • Install and init a dcupl CLI workspace
  • Connect your local workspace with a dcupl Console Project
  • set up the DcuplAppLoader