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Our comprehensive dcupl SDK tutorial is the perfect starting point for developers looking to explore the platform's core features. With easy-to-follow instructions presented in an interactive Stackblitz iframe for hands-on learning, you can quickly get up to speed with dcupl's powerful API.

Whether you're using dcupl with your own setup or a specific framework, our flexible API allows for seamless integration with any development environment.


This tutorial will teach you how to get started with dcupl and cover three important topics: initial setup, dcupl Query API, and dcupl List API.

In the initial setup, you will learn how to set up your dcupl environment, which includes installing necessary packages and configuring settings.

The dcupl Query API will teach you how to use the Query API to retrieve data from your dcupl instance. You will learn how to make queries, filter, page and sort data.

In the dcupl List API, you will learn how to use the List API to aggregate data, apply queries and work with a catalogue like API.

By learning these three topics, you will be able to get started with dcupl and use it to retrieve and manage data for your web applications.