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Connect your workspace to the Console

The following steps connect your local workspace with your dcupl Console project. This step is needed to unlock plan based features and enable advanced debugging capabilities


To configure your local workspace you have to set the projectId and apiKey. You find both on the dashboard of your Console project in the "Getting Started Slider".

The corresponding files dcupl.config.json and dcupl.secrets.json are in the root of your local workspace.

dcupl init Data Explorer

dcupl.config.json -> projectId

"projectId": "VLB...",
"loaderPath": ...,

dcupl.secrets.json -> apiKey

"apiKey": "8d2e5e9a-..."

Start your local development server

npm run serve will start your local development server at http://localhost:8083. Reload the dcupl Console. Make sure the source dcupl CLI / Localhost is selected on top in your browser window. Navigate to your Applications in the main navigation and run your app.

npm run serve

Data Explorer


⭐ The Data Explorer is a representation of your application's internal data structure. It enables you to check and review your data way before you even started with your actual application.

The Data Explorer is the most important view in your dcupl Console project. It shows your application according to your loader configuration and the loaded model definitions. You can use this view to validate your data quality and model correctness including all filters, aggregations, etc.

dcupl init Data Explorer