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Getting started with dcupl

The dcupl documentation is designed to help developers get the most out of our platform, with comprehensive guides, tutorials, and examples covering everything from project setup, data integration and the smart usage of our core SDK functionalities. Our documentation is regularly updated and expanded, so be sure to check back often for new content and resources to help you streamline your development workflow.

Interactive Tutorials

Dive into dcupl with two concise tutorials designed to introduce you to the platform in just 5-10 minutes each. Covering all the essentials, these tutorials will jumpstart your journey with dcupl. For more in-depth information, explore our Understanding dcupl guide section or reach out to us via chat.

SDK Tutorial

Get started with the dcupl SDK basics, where you'll learn set up a new dcupl instance, manually add data and models, and utilize the fundamentals of the query and catalog API.

Console Tutorial

Master the dcupl CLI as you set up your local development environment and connect it to your dcupl Console project. Get familiar with the DcuplAppLoader API used for project initialization, and examine the file that contains essential information for launching your project.


Our dcupl Console video series provides a helpful guide to getting started with the platform, with step-by-step instructions and real-world examples to help you master the basics of data integration and mapping. While our current video "First Steps in the Console" covers the essentials, we have more exciting content on the way to help you unlock the full potential of dcupl.