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dcupl - client side filter engine written in typescript

query, sort, paginate, aggregate, group and pivot your application data lightning fast ๐Ÿš€ with the dcupl sdk

dcupl SDK setup
const dcupl = new Dcupl();dcupl.models.set({  key: 'product',  properties: [    {      key: 'name',      type: 'string',    },    {      key: 'price',      type: 'float',    },  ],});[...], { model: 'product' });await dcupl.init();dcupl.query.execute({ modelKey: 'product', queries: [...]})// query, sort, paginate, aggregate, group, ...// easy to use and lightning fast ๐Ÿš€ with the dcupl sdk
npm i @dcupl/core
import { Dcupl } from '@dcupl/core';
const dcupl = new Dcupl();

Get started with dcupl today

To get started with the dcupl SDK, simply install the @dcupl/core package from npm and start coding. Our comprehensive documentation and user-friendly tools and libraries are readily available to assist you in simplifying your development workflow.

dcupl Toolset

dcupl is a set of established, proven tools and services, built on the basis long software engineering experience in countless complex digitalization projects.

dcupl developer kit


IntelliSense-assisted development with numerous pre-built functions


Simple CLI for starting and managing dcupl projects


Ready-to-use Components & App-Templates

The dcupl developer toolkit gives developers a boost by abstracting repeating processes and avoiding common pitfalls from the start. dcupl follows best practice implementation patterns and ensures high-performance functionality in your client (browser) and server environments.


dcupl Console

SaaS-based App Development Platform

The dcupl Console helps you to develop, test and explore your dcupl applications. Since dcupl is based on certain standards we are able to visualize and interact with your application data without knowing the specific use case of your application itself.

Live Example

With dcupl, getting started is a breeze - simply define your models, add some data, and call dcupl.init(). Streamlined and straightforward, our documentation makes integrating with our platform a seamless experience.

Feature overview

The dcupl SDK is available on npm and runs in any javascript environment. It's used in numerous projects ranging from small prototypes to large scale production applications handling tens of thousands of datasets in the browser.

Client side query execution
Client-side query execution allows for efficient offline data processing and analysis of thousands of datasets, providing developers with the flexibility to build robust applications that can function even without a constant internet connection.
Predictable state management
By utilizing strict data models in conjunction with predictable state management, dcupl ensures that your applications maintain a high level of reliability and consistency over time.
Frictionless development process
dcupl's frictionless development process, independence from surrounding systems, and lack of dependencies on backends make it an ideal solution for developers seeking a seamless and streamlined approach to building robust applications.
dcupl console
The dcupl console serves as a comprehensive development tool for building and debugging applications with dcupl, providing developers with the ability to preprocess, test, and publish their applications from a single platform.
Powerful and simple API.
dcupl's API strikes the perfect balance between power and simplicity, making it easy for developers to leverage its capabilities while maintaining a streamlined development process.
Production ready
dcupl has been extensively tested and is highly stable, making it the ideal choice for developing enterprise-grade data-intensive web applications with reliable and efficient performance.

Getting startedUnderstand dcupl in 5 minutes

Check out our getting started section. It provides a quick overview that covers the following topics:

  • Setup of the dcupl SDK
  • Query API basics
  • List API basics
  • Project initialization with the dcupl CLI
  • Introduction to the dcupl Console
  • Set up your project with the DcuplAppLoader
App screenshot

Frequently asked questions

Canโ€™t find the answer youโ€™re looking for? Check out our: community repository
or chat with us on

What is dcupl?
dcupl is a software development platform designed to streamline the process of connecting multiple data sources, making it easier for developers to access and utilize data from various sources in their applications.
How does dcupl differ from other software development platforms?
dcupl stands out from other solutions thanks to its intuitive interface, flexibility, and ease of use - we do like "magic" in our code. It offers seamless integration with a wide range of javascript fameworks and provides developers with a highly customizable platform to fit their specific needs.
What types of data sources can be integrated with dcupl?
dcupl can integrate with a wide range of data sources from internal/external APIs to static files. It supports JSON and CSV data as a direct input.
Is dcupl easy to set up and use?
Yes, dcupl is designed to be user-friendly and easy to set up. The platform comes with comprehensive documentation, and the dcupl team is always available to offer support and guidance as needed.
What programming languages does dcupl support?
dcupl is written in typescript. Its flexible API makes it easy to integrate with any typescript/javascript framework in any browser and server environment.
Can dcupl handle large volumes of data?
Yes, dcupl is designed to handle large volumes of data efficiently. It uses advanced data processing techniques and optimization algorithms to ensure that data processing is fast and reliable, even when dealing with large data sets.
What security measures does dcupl have in place to protect my data?
dcupl takes data security seriously and uses industry-standard encryption and authentication protocols to protect user data. Depending on your needs there is also the possibility to host your data in your own private cloud environment.
What level of support is available for dcupl users?
dcupl offers comprehensive support to all users, including online documentation, a knowledge base, and a support team available to answer any questions and resolve any issues that may arise. Depending on your selected plan, you may also have access to one of our Customer Success Managers or Solution Engeneers.
Can dcupl be integrated with other third-party tools or platforms?
Yes, dcupl is designed to be highly customizable and can be integrated with other third-party tools or platforms, such as analytics or reporting tools, as needed. dcupl provides a flexible API and supports a wide range of data formats and integration methods.
Is dcupl free? What does it cost?
Published versions of the SDK are available for free on npm. Our Licensing will apply to dcupl Console seats and features.
What's the current development status?
The dcupl SDK is stable. It has been extensively tested, making it the ideal choice for developing enterprise-grade data-intensive web applications with reliable and efficient performance. The dcupl Console is in an continous development already offering a wide range of features and is constantly being improved and expanded.