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Create a Workspace

The dcupl CLI allows you to initialize various starter projects.

For this quick introduction, choose the "Minimal Setup". It includes a concise dcupl project to help you get started with dcupl, containing a simple model and the corresponding data.

To create your new workspace, run the following command in your terminal:

dcupl init
# Whats your project name? --> your-project-name
# Do you want to start from scratch or a demo application? --> Minimal Setup

You've just created your first local dcupl workspace 🚀

Navigate to your new workspace with cd your-project-name and install the dependencies using npm i.

A quick overview...

dcupl init Console dashboard projectId apiKey
  • data/* -> your static data sources are placed here.
  • models/* -> here are your models. Models describe the entities of your application.
  • -> the loader configuration is the description of your application. It's a generic way to jumpstart your applications using the Application Loader.
  • dcupl.secrets.json -> contains the apiKey of your project. This file should never leave your local workspace.
  • dcupl.config.json -> contains your workspace configuration.

In the next step we will create a free dcupl account to connect your local workspace with a dcupl Console project.