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dcupl Project Lifecycle

In this guide, we'll walk you through how dcupl can revolutionize your frontend development process and it's benefits in three key phases: Plan, Build, and Run.

dcupl lifecycle - plan, build, run

Plan Phase

It takes just 1 developer 2 days to complete your Proof of Concept (PoC) with real data.

The Plan phase is all about laying the foundation for your project. Whether you're pitching to customers or conceptualizing your idea, dcupl can help you create a robust data model and gain valuable insights from real data using the dcupl Console. With the help of the SDK and pre-built components, you can craft convincing PoCs that validate your or your customer's vision.

The standout feature of this phase is the ability to make informed decisions based on a PoC with real data. dcupl significantly accelerates this process compared to traditional methods, allowing you to move forward with confidence.

Build Phase

Keep control of your data and boost efficiency for the best time-to-market.

Once you've won the pitch and validated your idea, it's time to accelerate development in the Build phase. dcupl empowers you to move swiftly and efficiently, thanks to its dual-speed development principle and the functionalities offered by the SDK.

Frontend developers can begin by working with mocked data in their applications and, when available and necessary, test against real APIs. As you grow your data model feature by feature, you can define and write data tests to ensure the quality of your application.

One of the key principles of dcupl is "dependency-free development." This means your teams can work independently, without waiting on each other. By using the dcupl model language, frontend and backend teams can agree on data structures. You can mock data for frontend development while simultaneously implementing the real API on a separate path. This dual-speed approach allows teams to work at their own pace and prioritize tasks, resulting in more efficient development.

Using dcupl in this phase enables you to deliver your project more efficiently than ever before, ultimately reducing time-to-market.

Run Phase

Reliable, resilient, reusable, stable, and future-proof.

In the Run phase, the main features of your application are built, and customers are actively using it. However, this phase brings its own set of challenges, including knowledge transfer, system maintenance, and ongoing improvements.

dcupl comes to the rescue once again. The dcupl Console provides tools to onboard new team members effortlessly, with features like the model viewer and data explorer. You can continuously monitor metrics in your data using data tests to ensure your systems remain clean and performant.

One of the standout benefits of dcupl in the Run phase is the ability to reuse existing data models for new applications, allowing you to test ideas rapidly and maintain a consistent, future-proof data structure.


dcupl a game-changer for frontend developers. It simplifies and accelerates the development process across all phases — Plan, Build, and Run — while promoting collaboration, efficiency, and reliability. With dcupl, you can confidently take your frontend projects to the next level, delivering high-quality solutions faster than ever before. Choose the dcupl features that suit your needs and revolutionize your frontend development today!