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With dcupl, you can easily build composable applications for real-world scenarios by combining our powerful modelling language with easy-to-understand loader configurations. By leveraging already defined models and data resources, you can quickly build the backbone for multiple applications, reducing development time and streamlining your workflow. With dcupl, the possibilities are endless, empowering you to build robust, scalable applications that meet the needs of your users and your business.


With dcupl you can reuse your resources within multiple projects and applications.

A dcupl application consists of multiple building blocks. The essential ones are the following:

  • dcupl Model Definitions describe the entities of your applications.
  • The Project Configuration specifies what models and data containers are combined to compose one or more applications
  • dcupl AppLoader evaluates the project configuration combined with an specific environment to fetch all the necessary data to initialize the application
  • the dcupl SDK provides battle-tested core functionality to list/filter/aggregate the data in milliseconds in the browser