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FIFA Players

The fifaplayers example is based on a dataset provided via kaggle -

The project was generated using the @dcupl/cli and the whole source is available on Github.

Target group

The target users of this demo are early birds who want to try out dcupl with a simple dataset and data model. The data includes about 17K football players and statistics about their skills, etc.

Give it a try and have fun 🚀

Run it on your local machine

# 1) clone the project
git clone

# 2) install and serve the angular project on localhost:4200
cd fifaplayers
npm i
dcupl serve

# 3) switch to the dcupl Console, create a dcupl project and switch the source to "dcupl CLI / Localhost"

Data setup

model sizeproperties
fifaPlayers17588Name, Nationality, National Position, National Kit, Club, ...