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Austrian Lottery 1986-2023

The lottery example is based on a dataset from the Austrian Lotteries, including all winning numbers from 1986 up to 2023.

The project was generated using the @dcupl/cli and the whole source is available on Github.

Lottery data​

The initial dataset is published by win2day - - the online gaming platform of the Austrian Lotteries. The formatting of the original data has been revised and redundancies have been reduced. The data respectively the whole project is also published on kaggle.

Be aware that winning totals up to 2001 are in ATS - Austria's former currency Schilling - and in EUR starting with 2001 up to 2023. Therefore three applications have been defined and the resources have been tagged with ATS and EUR.

Data Explorer​

dcupl init Data Explorer

Target group​

This project represents a simple dcupl example with just one model and its target group are first-time users of dcupl, who want to try out the basic functionality and concepts of dcupl. Based on the predefined applications, you will learn how to use them in combination with resource tagging.

The model description includes expressions, which concatenate the drawn numbers - on the one hand sorted in ascending order and on the other hand sorted as drawn. The amount of attributes and the structure of the data changed over the years due to changes of the game itself. Therefore some of the values are not available for each year.

The data is split into eight different source files, which are loaded using the "upsert" mode (update and insert).

Give it a try and have fun 🚀

Run it on your local machine​

# 1) clone the project
git clone

# 2) install and serve the angular project on localhost:4200
cd lotto-1986-2023
npm i
dcupl serve

# 3) switch to the dcupl Console, create a dcupl project and switch the source to "dcupl CLI / Localhost"

Data setup​

model sizeproperties
lotto3230weekday, date, (numbers), prize rates, ... 

Model overview​

dcupl init Data Explorer